Do you know what bothers me? Being told that I should put my iPhone away. I hear it all the time… They say I don’t go outside enough, I just drink my coffee and relax. I live by a park with a pond. I spent an entire summer biking and another one running a bike trail. Now I only go running/biking every two weeks because I don’t find it fun… I had a gym membership to the YMCA but I never used it.

One day I remember I started jogging defiantly and I ended up sitting on a table at a golf park watching runners pass by while I ate 6 chicken sandwiches with a Sprite. And besides my phone falling on my face occasionally I don’t think I have an addiction. Today I made digital art and edited a small video, I helped someone mix an audio clip, and I’m writing this now.

Another thing that bothers me is the bridge between people and content creators. I don’t like my social feeds split into multiple apps. I want all of them combined into one that sorts their types including the ability to search the web or buy a product within the social feed- and it should not change colors unless made to do so like one day I hope to have a dark room or building that changes it’s colors and we can finally get rid of the idea that we should live by day and sleep at night.

I’ve wanted to get rid of my car since the day I bought it because gas prices are always up and I always thought we’d have self-flying cars by now- Tesla, Ford, or Nissan haven’t even made their own self-driving cars yet. And It’s not beneficiary to be forced to pay more than a previous generation for the same resources if we can choose not to. That’s what I strive for. The freedom from the beliefs of others. As Deiter Rams says… Less is more, and in my life I want less problems, more fun, more good times.


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