Writers AdBlock

I have noticed a lot of new followers are writers and I like that… I feel like you guys have a competition going on… Where you don’t let other writers steal your work… Haha. I don’t draft my ideas or go for days revising stuff… I think, when I’m writing, this thing is so fresh it needs an audio track! Then you realize you aren’t the guy from Limitless and you don’t have a pretty voice like Ariana Grande or a team of writers or producers working across the world to make the world’s greatest story, which should have been The Crowd Book and it does not exist because I didn’t put a good video on Indie GoGo or go fund myself. And I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I use Kickstarter? I dunno…

But you, as a writer make that post be cool without Ariana Grande, you make that post and you write that thing… Yeah. No ones gonna tell you Simpsons did it… Ideas just come and go, kinda like gas. You don’t have to waste time revising your posts if you write wonderfully and elegantly. It’s not like someone’s going to say oh well you could have said – “ideas just come and go – kinda like time and old memories fade inside my mind like auras in the night sky” You don’t get interactive comments with people, at most you get 100+ likes and you go to bed saying hmmm…. Maybe I am a bit ignorant on that part… Cause girls that can’t sing can be beautiful anyways, or what makes a good book any good if you don’t feel love when you hear the title. It isn’t Cellar Door, it isn’t written by Kanye that loves Kanye, as you should too, otherwise how can you get that feeling that you get when you see that movie Sleepless in Seattle and think that type of story is not even possible anymore because we have Facebook… So as long as you love your writing, you don’t have to look for creativity. It is in you. But in case you get lost, ask yourself what Kanye would say to himself… Maybe you could write the first first person story with the main character being the reader or watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last new season on Netflix till Friends comes on. Haha!

Daniel Campos


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