Nov 11 – Thoughts

Sometimes I’m too lazy to open an app to check a notification and I feel like Siri should just be my morning alarm radio apps/news broadcaster… And sometimes, when I’m falling asleep I get these really deep thoughts about life and write some of them down, one of them was – we already know the meaning of life because we define it.

But I get all tired… and think stuff In the morning like why isn’t there a pair of shoes that you can wear for the rest of your life as long as you don’t have smelly feet and I can change the color/size or use magnets instead of shoelaces. And by the afternoon I’m on Hulu thinking how dare they put ads… sitting angrily drinking my tea – I don’t drink Starbucks or wear skinny-jeans – they are a disgrace to mankind so don’t imagine I do either. Today was Veterans Day, I saw the crazy Taylor Swift experience app music video and I thought that phone she dropped in the fountain looked water-proof. Later I went to an orchestra concert at my old high-school – which still looks the same and they don’t have wifi so that’s good they can’t take attendance using iBeacons yet. Everyone playing tonight looked bored or gloomy and my dad didn’t turn off his cellphone so it rang in the beginning of the show. On the way back I heard Lorde’s Flicker for MockingJay and I’m not sure why Kanye West covered it. I heard Lana Del Rey is supposed to be on his new album… Then I got home cooked Fettucini with home-made Alfredo sauce (don’t know why it’s called that) and I ended up here to spit out my thoughts because I think we go through way more of them than any generation before us. So now I’m going to sleep and encourage you to be positive or stay positive. Grand Theft Auto V comes out soon for PS4 and Xbox One. I have to wait till the PC version comes out… I like running over pedestrians in Ultra HD.


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