People that don’t have many friends tend to be the type that aren’t looking for popularity, they don’t care about that. They’re different. I see the world like a clock. Everyone on this planet is like one of it’s gears and the fastest way to move them is to push the ones with with the most power, the best companies, CEOs, news outlets, people with initiative, the only way to do it… Is by not staying attached to ideas… To the present. I used to view the world as it was made of registers because money keeps us going. But money doesn’t keep us going when we have enough. After you have enough you keep going because you like what you are doing, and if you don’t, you leave. There’s also people that just want the money, so you don’t want to work for those types of companies, there’s too many of those. 

And people with popularity aren’t focused on what they are doing, they’re focused on their group… Wondering if they’re happy… Trying to say things that they won’t find offensive… They’re  focused on their thoughts and image… So get rid of the old ones.. Move towards the new. But if the people you were close to don’t move forward with you, don’t leave them behind. Those people that we’re close since the beginning will love you even if you do the wrong things to yourself or to them.. That’s when you know that you’re image doesn’t matter, because you are human and the role you play is the one you make for yourself.


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