Jesus Christ’s Meaning of Life

Set your foot in sand and feel the earth’s energies travel towards you. Heighten your thoughts to be empty if it is you seek blissfulness… We are physical beings with spirits and souls. What the spirit is just a connection to our hearts, and the soul the one that reaches into the places where heaven and hell remain… Hell in ancient times was leaving the garden of Eden, an island called Punt down by Mt. Meru, a volcano erupted near it  by the Indonesian Islands causing the end of the ice age, if it wasn’t a comet… It was the debris around the planet Saturn that was the last home of life forms. When it erupted the people left the island and set forth to the corners of the world seeking a place to grow crops, a place to learn, a place to hold the past, and a place to build a future. Those places we’re Tibet, Matchu Pichu, Greece, and Egypt. In Egypt John the Baptist was the one who declared those who survived the volcanic eruption’s echoing a flood, blessed. He was considered godly because he was an oracle of the secret learning schools of the illuminated magi- who knew of spiritual guidance to cross into the spiritual dimensions. The gypsies were all descendants of the magi, and for that reason pharaohs. When Moses saw the burning bush he was exposed to an alien ship that gave him a message to lead the dead – the Egyptian slaves away from Ramses out from his kingdom into the woods. The alien went to give a dream to the Egyptian pharaoh Nathaniel II (Osiris) a dream he could not understand and Daniel told him his kingdom would be the greatest of all if he left. The bull was worshipped at the time because they measured time not just by year and month, but by the stars. They had associated animals to each reign of pharaoh deities. The Egyptians were minded spiritual travelers of dimensions. A dream is an inner dimension within you that you create. They had heightened their abilities to speak spiritually beyond the dead and into the heavens… As we know Jesus was made of light. Jesus was a spiritual being who possessed the body of Moses and was in a pact with an alien from another galaxy that came down to earth and is represented in Hinduism by a man with 10 heads, Vishnu, and another one of his creations – Buddha. And I believe Jesus’s soul is from the same galaxy’s dimension. This alien had made a pact with daemons to extinguish the Egyptians and in doing so Osiris brother killed him. He and his wife fled with a child whom I believe was Buddha – a planted gift from the aliens who came, that said they had the secret scripts of life- or the vedas’s texts. There was supposed to be a feast but the Egyptians didn’t go to it. Osiris went on later to become king of the underworld after the daemons and angels of light destroyed the Egyptians after Jesus told them they had to share the kingdom and they didn’t want to.. So the Egyptians all left to create more slavery shops… In the 4 corners of the world after Jesus guided them to destroy those he could across the sea in search for their first land, the island where John the Baptist came from.

 Who Jesus was to the Egyptians… the devil. The devil was the spirit that activated a prism of light through the Planet Saturn and to earth he was cursed by God to create humanity on earth… Made him a sinner, and all of the devils sons and daughters were sinners too. So where ever the key to kingdom of god… Satan and the archangel Michael worked for God whom is made of light to get rid of the slave-mastering Egyptians – the term MasterCard comes from African slavery… The white people in our previous generations owned slaves.. They were secretly gypsies… The pagans with no God but their own, whom they considered to be dynamic. A new animal from the stars from every arm of the Milky Way Galaxy constellations- the horoscope you are assigned is your god animal.

As it turns out… There’s a cube that’s represented by the Star of David that resembles where the Egyptians passed through to get here, as well as where aliens passed by. It lies in the planet Saturn – broken now, and it is supposed to be the gateway to reach heaven and hell spiritually- Jesus broke it by deactivating the pillars of Hercules and entered it to leave spiritually…  it feeds on human emotion, the idea that religion should be worshipped, though Jesus is probably the person you should be worshipping Even if he was in a committee with the devil… Cause this planet still feels like it’s run by pagan gypsies if you ask me. Wink, wink.


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