What about, Love Chapter Two

Siri, I’m going to go find myself time and write a book.

What does a successful story consist of?

An anti-hero, a heroine, a success story through hardship, a romance, someone who has views different than others. 

Maybe Kurt Cobain, wanted to start a rock band and leave a murder mystery behind. No wait, Siri, does that make any sense… How was 911 an inside job… Wasn’t there a guy in jail that warned them it would happen. What about that Sandy hook shooting, I heard it was completely staged. Siri?!

Dave, your delusional. Shut up and have a glass of water.

Hey wait a second… Let me see my brain scan from yesterday. I’m supposed to have my pineal gland deactivated, Melatonin hasn’t been synthesized in me… What was that tv show about. The kid with the weird dreams. He said he went into trances. How did he do that?

He must have gone mad… Trying to talk to god. You can’t do that unless you lock yourself in a black room for days.

Oh… I have a feeling there’s more to that. 


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