Sept 12

5 years ago we were just getting started, hopes so high, we just had so much to give the world. It’s been a wonderful experience. There’s beautiful skies being struck by hurricanes, digital aura’s that have made their presence so real… augmented reality is the false American dream made to fix what’s broken inside of us…

A home, a family, a dog. Less and less this isn’t the dream we have because there is so much more to life now 5 years later. We see past these dreams because we have so much more to give and live for. Self-destruction is the art of giving your heart to what doesn’t exist and being able to let it go so you can make life better for everyone. We pass down our knowledge to our children so that they don’t have to go through what we did. Coding for objects that can see, hear, and recognize emotions for us is the future we’re headed for.. no stops ahead, full automation. I see homeless people trying to make it past the past of what isn’t there and it feels awful. So many people are left behind by technology that I’ve chosen to abandon my own dreams because technology can’t save us, only each other, once it becomes a vice, we become the device, we become what we hold, our own power is a gift from within, not from our surroundings, not what they think. I heard depression isn’t real so what is.. there’s a glass in my hand that’s always half-full, is happiness even real then? Everything has a way of being viewed, and we can chose how to see it.

There’s a part of life that I love and that is when technology connects what’s broken in pieces together. The soul of a human reaching it’s highest version is what is called being one with god to achieve what was first given and taken away… freedom of beliefs. It isn’t lying about who you are to get what you want but, in this world it’s impossible for anything to hold it’s value if it’s not there initially. Lies have to be told to hold a high state of reality in place. Apple Inc. may not be honest but, it’s hunger for the truth is. To create something better than before you have to see past it like in a mirror and find what you can’t see.

There isn’t a person that is perfect but we all try to be. When you see a sad person and you ignore them it’s because you made a decision to sink below their own existence… in a way, you just can’t see past yourself and push right through them and hide, as they’ve become a ghost, you’re the ghost from the shadows when we were all young and free from these lies we hide from. You can say education is what makes us exist in life and crimes leave us with nothing. There’s so much more to life than money and objects when we die we can’t take anything away. When we shut down our computers, our phones and turn them back on our memories are still there. There’s so much more to live for that augmented reality is just here to help us cope with reality itself. The skies will calm and we will see past ourselves eventually.



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