Sept 12

5 years ago we were just getting started, hopes so high, we just had so much to give the world. It’s been a wonderful experience. There’s beautiful skies being struck by hurricanes, digital aura’s that have made their presence so real… augmented reality is the false American dream made to fix what’s broken inside of us…

A home, a family, a dog. Less and less this isn’t the dream we have because there is so much more to life now 5 years later. We see past these dreams because we have so much more to give and live for. Self-destruction is the art of giving your heart to what doesn’t exist and being able to let it go so you can make life better for everyone. We pass down our knowledge to our children so that they don’t have to go through what we did. Coding for objects that can see, hear, and recognize emotions for us is the future we’re headed for.. no stops ahead, full automation. I see homeless people trying to make it past the past of what isn’t there and it feels awful. So many people are left behind by technology that I’ve chosen to abandon my own dreams because technology can’t save us, only each other, once it becomes a vice, we become the device, we become what we hold, our own power is a gift from within, not from our surroundings, not what they think. I heard depression isn’t real so what is.. there’s a glass in my hand that’s always half-full, is happiness even real then? Everything has a way of being viewed, and we can chose how to see it.

There’s a part of life that I love and that is when technology connects what’s broken in pieces together. The soul of a human reaching it’s highest version is what is called being one with god to achieve what was first given and taken away… freedom of beliefs. It isn’t lying about who you are to get what you want but, in this world it’s impossible for anything to hold it’s value if it’s not there initially. Lies have to be told to hold a high state of reality in place. Apple Inc. may not be honest but, it’s hunger for the truth is. To create something better than before you have to see past it like in a mirror and find what you can’t see.

There isn’t a person that is perfect but we all try to be. When you see a sad person and you ignore them it’s because you made a decision to sink below their own existence… in a way, you just can’t see past yourself and push right through them and hide, as they’ve become a ghost, you’re the ghost from the shadows when we were all young and free from these lies we hide from. You can say education is what makes us exist in life and crimes leave us with nothing. There’s so much more to life than money and objects when we die we can’t take anything away. When we shut down our computers, our phones and turn them back on our memories are still there. There’s so much more to live for that augmented reality is just here to help us cope with reality itself. The skies will calm and we will see past ourselves eventually.



Dangerous thoughts.

I’ve been kinda floating on ideas lately thinking about what it means to have a ton of responsibilities versus having a lot of fun. I don’t really think our minds really know the difference other than laughing here and then.. You’d think I’d really fall for the super analytical types of people cause I know stuff… But I kinda hate numbers and facts and just simply don’t care about them. So when I heard that my town has a guy running from HR experience to fix schools decreasing budgets… I said… We are fucked. (Don’t judge me, I think he’ll be fine but the kids will suffer and become super analytical robots) My friend was in the town hall meeting running for trustee, and he said… Teachers aren’t just some people you can hire and deal with… They are people. And I always felt that too.. My teachers were so passionate about what we were doing with our lives and why they were teaching us with theirs. My art teacher is banned from Canada for some reason and he told me I should date a girl to which I took his advice- only to find out she chose some other guy and then he dumped her, then he dated my old bestfriend… And dumped her too… So that’s kinda dumb that they had to go through that. Anyways… My art teacher was the most inspirational person in my life other than my boss and a few co-workers at my old jobs because he believed in me and I trusted him to push me forward. He did.. He helped push me into what I wanted to do and taught me that if I wanted to be somebody great… I had to embrace the problems I had head on and he cared if I was depressed too.. He knew the types of music we were listening to were melancholy and rap so our anger was what fueled us. I later went to an art school only to learn I didn’t want to go to art school… And ended up dropping out from a community college because of distance and had fallen in love with the company that has inspired so many people… Apple. Apple isn’t just a cult.. It’s the standard of higher living, we do what we must because we can. And we do it with our hearts and our best abilities come naturally.
These ideas have been in my head for a while and they’re beginning to grow on me.. That maybe all of the fun that I have… Doesn’t really matter in the end and it’s not really that fun for me… what matters now is that I don’t get in an awful position in the future where I feel abandoned or limited by my past decisions with my corporations to help Apple. I can do pretty much anything to counter my feelings but always remain on one task.. My mind has a power to focus so much on something I believe is special that I become blinded against everything else and even if it upsets me I am not frightened by it. I am in love with problem solving and admire my teachers for giving me their passion so that I too can choose to live in a world better than I came into.. This world is so special to me I just think a lot about it and what it means to focus on what matters and what doesn’t to see it better.
Sometimes this upsets people because my focus is so strong that they suddenly feel the disconnection towards it.. but if you know me.., know that somethings are disconnected so that they can connect even stronger in the end. It’s my metaphor for when a husband and wife go out through their day and at the end of the night… All that matters to me is a “goodnight, I love you.” But I guess I’ve already lived that with someone that we just never were happy because we were always trying to solve things.. We have to have a bit of balance in our lives to feel that love is there. And that this earth isn’t just a ground to step on. it’s the earth we walk together on.. Our lives are so short that when people talk to me and they ask me if I’m depressed the answer will most likely be… How can you not be… Our world is being ruined by shitty people trying to make a quick buck instead of solving bigger problems… I’m doing my best to get rid of shitty people with Apple and if that means destroying myself then so be it.


I hate the idea of human evolution because it leaves people behind and some become depressed enough to commit suicide. When ideas are being made; they should cater to both the sad and the happy aspects of life so that we remember that life can be cruel but wonderful at the same time. The color silver is usually the one that people associate with the future and the past, it’s like greyscale. You can’t really tell if a show was shot today or in the past unless you pay attention to the details of the fluidity or the resolution. I hope that you all understand that happiness is how you perceive ideas and that colors are what illustrate them. We are free to make our own choices about everything and you always have to choose the better option even if it isn’t the best one for you. In recent months I have been loosing myself to the idea of the augmented future because I always felt it was the beginning of heaven on earth, or as close as it would be to the dream world. This future has a lot of issues that I am aware of.. Older generations are going to be left behind and their ideas may not even make it into the AR world so we must work to preserve the past customs and languages of our ancestors and to value all of the work they did to get us where we are today. Your work is to create as much as you can if the past and to preserve the architecture of it. To establish peace in the next phase of life, and to ensure safety of your health. Please do not use AR extensively when it becomes available. Talk with your families and friends. Have a conversation with them and help them throughout your life. You will be happier discovering new things together.

Augmented Reality

This isn’t a dream, it’s not even a reality check. America’s new elected president is Trump. I’d say that’s unreal. But what isn’t- augmented reality is coming. the same way we’ve been using our phones to buy apps… We’ll be using them in the future to buy or attain objects that aren’t officially real. To use, collect, show off, and the best part is… They will stay with you forever. These aren’t tangible items, you can sell them to other people if you’d like… They’ll be objects that you can gain in game apps, or digital asset models of the original game developers for apps such as Grand Theft Auto Online – The worlds most ambitious playground. So how will this happen… Well I’d say the shift to augmented reality requires a graphical engine… A couple of things… such as an iPhone or a Microsoft surface unit and an ecosystem of OP badass developers to create the tools necessary to create this infinite world of possibilities. Augmented Reality is breaking the barriers of the dream world… so that we all can attain and create whatever our hearts desire. That is- the augmented world may not be the best for driving cars or flying through cities, but in VR- yes they are. So I imagine these technologies will collide with each other in the future if an engine was to be created with that in mind. it would be a universal AR OS engine for every developer and creator/person to be a part of and I believe the best companies for this are Apple and Rockstar Games.

Music is my favorite type of artform

I have been listening to artists Lucy Rose, The Enemy, Charlene Soraia and a few others. Music has been an evolving experience.. I grew up on rock and roll and country, and passed on to trip hop and electronic music, and i feel I have discovered every genre now… I would like to say that my favorite type of music is the type that makes me feel alright in an exotic pleasant way. I remember listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s – I will follow you into the dark, Jack Johnsons – Turn your love, Bob Marley and Nirvana feeling their emotions cross over to me – reading Kurts Biography Heavier than Heaven and coming across the Internet conspiracies of his death…. Music pieces that I love are those that express sadness or happiness, ones that get you pumped with anger and further my meaning to go forward and onto the nether of our existence.. Begging for Thread by Banks… Dangerous by Big Data. Cakes’ The Distance. My favorite music are songs that tell love stories. Listening to one song every now and then… I used to record the stereo on a tape deck to be able to hear it later… Now we have the convenience of streaming our music, downloading it through iTunes… Moving across genres is an evolutionary change… To listen to something like the Foo Fighters Everlong to something like James Blake’s Retrograde… I still have memories from 311’s Amber and I guess now that all the music has been fragmented… But the emotions are the same. Albums like Jamie XX’s Gosh and Flume’s really take a bite from our emotions in a cheap way… They are mastered diligently, so they are in deed cool to hear every month or so… They are my power albums. The ones I would say have more potency than the rest because sound that conveys feelings through frequency alteration of the mind or sounds that affect your minds ability to think are genius. After all… Sound releases endorphins in your mind to create dopamine. It’s not the same as my old music however. For me, the tracks that I find most pleasurable… are Bon Ivers Skinny Love, Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, Michael Jackson’s I just can’t stop loving you , Charlene Soraia’s When we were five, and tracks that leave you in a trance slowly, music is like a drug. If mastered perfectly, say using bineural simulation, you can achieve a state of mind so finely tuned that you can cross lands through astral projection using the right frequencies… You can expand your mind slowly, open your mind to new experiences, but all is to be done in moderation, after all – every generation goes through instrumental shifts… The ones I enjoy today the are dark synths, a low bassline, with calming waves and light pianos and guitars carried by a sweet voice of a femme.

The Man Who Built The World

We are a collective conscious. On a global scale, It’s hard to centralize everyone’s ideas on the internet except on one site. Reddit. The online community stores your ideas and they are seen by the masses. When I need to know how someone feels about something, I don’t just google it. I reddit. I search Instagram, find periscopers, tumblrs, and tweets about it. I read articles about everything I am about to include in my life, or keep to complain about… My AT&T ISP, Sony’s lack of work on their products, people I choose to follow, people I am ignored by, everything I do, and you do, if you are in one of my feeds and I am browsing it, is in our mind for a few seconds- if a thought is formed… If we can even conceive one from the amount of data we consume each day we make something of it or move on. Our minds work together to buffer out ideas and churn emotions regarding certain patterns of words or pixels into agreements, with which we discern who is trustworthy or what is defined as cool or just okay. The world runs first on trust, of intellect, and idea scouring who can create a better tomorrow, or destroy it in the fastest way possible. This is why, when i see something I first define it as a subject connected to a bigger entity, that is everyone has a personality and we try to define ourselves with what we connect with… Simplicity – Apple, Cars- Forza, Future – Minimalism, not just with people around us. We have an infinite imagination to pursue what we like, or create for others to enjoy as well. I am a fan of almost everything good on earth, but I am also conservative. I don’t upgrade my phone every year. I don’t use high energy appliances, I don’t drive my car just to drive it. I don’t buy foods I won’t eat, and I don’t make things for others if it’s a temporary feeling. The world made by man is an outcome of your personality and what drives you to understand things. If you are passionate about something, it will be the best idea because you had the least experience with it from the beginning. Fields like AC units, solar panels, electric cars… The industries of the future are autonomous and equipped to be lead by quantum computer programs that dictate how a product sells, will it be in stock, should the machines create more, plant more, or less. The world is not just about consuming. It’s about using the resources to their highest potential. Not just from a buisness standpoint, but as an engineers view, an animals view, a homeless mans view. Life is full of people in so many positions that we take everything we have for granted, but without our clothes and our devices… We are just one conscious of the entire worlds population. 

The man who built the world of tomorrow builds the universal language of Augmented Reality, the bending of the dream world and the real world into one where things will be different for everyone based on their personalities and you will have to accept their visions in yours. The world of tomorrow is… Having someone clothe you in their vision of excellence, morph your body into their liking, and simulate the past or future in their mind not through imagination but by use of software. Take a note of the game skyrim, left for dead, and add mods. You can now do whatever you want and your body means nothing anymore. All that will matter then is how you talk, what you like, and how much of the world gravitates towards you, like Michael Jackson did without technology, if he looked any different, he would still be Michael Jackson.

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