Augmented Reality

This isn’t a dream, it’s not even a reality check. America’s new elected president is Trump. I’d say that’s unreal. But what isn’t- augmented reality is coming. the same way we’ve been using our phones to buy apps… We’ll be using them in the future to buy or attain objects that aren’t officially real. To use, collect, show off, and the best part is… They will stay with you forever. These aren’t tangible items, you can sell them to other people if you’d like… They’ll be objects that you can gain in game apps, or digital asset models of the original game developers for apps such as Grand Theft Auto Online – The worlds most ambitious playground. So how will this happen… Well I’d say the shift to augmented reality requires a graphical engine… A couple of things… such as an iPhone or a Microsoft surface unit and an ecosystem of OP badass developers to create the tools necessary to create this infinite world of possibilities. Augmented Reality is breaking the barriers of the dream world… so that we all can attain and create whatever our hearts desire. That is- the augmented world may not be the best for driving cars or flying through cities, but in VR- yes they are. So I imagine these technologies will collide with each other in the future if an engine was to be created with that in mind. it would be a universal AR OS engine for every developer and creator/person to be a part of and I believe the best companies for this are Apple and Rockstar Games.

Windows 10 Preview – A Gallery

The Apple TV


The Apple TV is a device that allows you to enjoy your digital media on the tv. It makes use of the same dual core processor found in the iPod touch 5th generation and offers a wide range of pre-installed apps from Netflix to the news. Apple has been creating a closed ecosystem for the last decade for it’s portable devices… The iPhone, iPad, and now gaining market share in the Mac ecosystem and I’ve been in it since iOS 3.1.3 on an iPod Touch 1st generation I bought from a friend. The reason why iOS has been so successful has to do with the App Store and the developers imaginations. Playing Dead Space on an iPod Touch at the time when it was launched a year later on consoles was unheard of. It was something new and exciting to be able to fit an entire miniature game console, computer, and music library in your pocket. Now with Apple TV, it’s time to bring those things back to your living room and bedrooms. It’s time to bring back the apps from the phone to our TV’s. Our games, friends, and everything about the iPhone that made us feel like kids. Full of wonder and enthusiasm. The Apple TV will not just be the center of our homes in the future, it will be the bridge between work and life. A family hub with a family calendar, a real time digital assistant, a cloud-saving gaming center, an unlimited stream of music and media from all over the world with an AppStore for all languages. The Apple TV is the computer from your pocket that has been refined for 10 years in the making. When the black wall is removed, it’ll be here.

Nocs NS 200/400 Aluminum/Titanium Review

The day that I first received a pair of Nocs I thought they had two high of a treble and too low of a bass. They didn’t feel neutral.. But as I listened more to them I started to understand why they weren’t as warm as a pair of old speakers. The music I was listening to was not that great. I have been privileged of owning a 350 W sub that was placed inside of a glass enclosure with sound coming from the top, and a small speaker that had the most warm sound of any speakers I’ve owned. The two of them together sounded like an amplified version of the Bose Sound Link Mini. By a lot. And so after the DAC/AMP unit stopped working I purchased the Nocs NS 400-002’s. A pair of 105 db and 16 ohms versus the 96 db of the NS 200’s. To this day, these headphones are the ones I always keep coming back to because I have come to an understanding that not all artists know how to mix audio. The sound engineer for Lana Del Rey does amazing work. These headphones are the in between of audiophile and consumer level grade. It is the definition of what audio should sound like in the entire frequency spectrum without being warm like an old pair of speakers or a highly powered pair of headphones with 600 ohms of clarity and an O2 amp. Trying to listen to such a range lets you hear the imperfections a lot more clearer and that doesn’t make music enjoyable. It’s like telling a child Santa Claus isn’t real. You’ve removed a filter of clarity. Where the Nocs stand is… minimally designed lightweight earbuds made of aluminum/titanium. The difference being a subtle higher clarity in the 400’s and so on for the higher models. Buying anything higher than the Nocs price range is a waste of money.



Exclusive PS4 Review

I’ve owned the PS4 for about 3 months and now is the time I give it a piece of my mind. Firstly I’d like to say I’m not a casual gamer but I’m not a hardcore gamer either. I’m in between the middle. This is the grand machine Sony dreamed of.

1. Games

Sony has has a 70% average metacritic lineup of games because they focused on indie developers for their first launch titles alongside AAA publishers- Far Cry 4, GTA V, Destiny, and Bloodborne vs Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number… there are less than 20 good games worth buying. At this time I’d say the PS3 has better games than the PS4, as did the PS2 at the PS3’s launch- but this is the second time… GTA has always been the reason consoles sell more and this time I decided to skip it for the PC version. In the future there’s 3 or four noticeable titles – NFS, No Man’s Sky, Besieged (if they port it) and Uncharted 4. Whatever is left is brand new IP’s from E3 that probably are – Advent from 2K, Doom, Mass Effect 4, and if Criterion ever releases their adrenaline-game we should have a good lineup in the rest of 2015 and on to the rest of 2016- but to me console launches are always the crap of the load.

2. Design

The PS4’s menu feels more complicated than the PS3’s, often making users jump more between menu’s to do things such as powering off the console – it takes more X’s to shut down than the previous consoles and is less interesting than the PS Vita’s menu’s or mini OS that should get more attention if Sony ever wants to take on Apple or Microsoft in the future. That is, I see a bright future for Sony’s Vita mini OS on Sony phones and tablets. Rather than limiting design functions to the PS button menu as MS did with the Xbox 360, Sony spread everything in a long tiled list sorted by frequency of use instead of the interfaces we see on our phones or tablets and to me this interface is dumb because it is not made for muscle memory retention- it shifts around… Now it seems futuristic in paper but it’s not really that great when you are trying to find YouTube behind a bunch of large game tiles that are in the way (and pull on the cloud for descriptions and updates- why you need to know that out of the PSN store is beyond me) and then YouTube is under TV and Video instead of being it’s own app tile. This creates a waste of time and confusion amongst the user experience. A app search function would have been nice or the grid like that of the Vita or iOS even better. Sony has also removed custom themes, picture wallpapers, usb transfers, and made it less of a desirable media playback device than the PS3, I haven’t tested in home video streaming with DivX but by the time I could get it running I’ll have an Apple TV set up for that instead cause iPads are to me slowly becoming the replacement of our notebooks, consoles, and PCs.

3. Flexibility

In terms of portability- you have to buy a Vita or FaceTime your game, try streaming it through twitch since there is no iOS app for that and there is no streaming to PC functionality either… The Vita OS is the only choice asides the Xperia Z3 phone. Battery life on the PS4 remote is crap compared to the Dual Shock 3 because they won’t let us turn off the indicator light and lastly there’s a subscription fee to play online meanwhile on the PS3 there never was but it does have it’s free game benefits – as long as you are a member to play them. PS Vue TV is way too expensive for a model that is outdated- live TV is old and the only good thing I have found about the PS services- PS Now game streaming. This feature alone is worth a PS Vita TV console if they would let us stream our old PS3 and classic console game purchases instead of renting them. Spotify and Netflix are the sprinkles of an unfinished cake (when Spotify adds video streams or decides to pursue database indexing off to become the world’s media library (bigger than Netflix) Sony should by then come up with a phone/tablet mini OS based on the Vita and PS4.


Sony created the base level of a console that is less feature rich than their PS3 console, less flexible than a Vita, and more UI clustered than a windows 8 tablet but the games that are on it and will be on it – make it worth buying for the living room – leave your fancy computer in the room – should the games be less independent of the device they run on because nowadays we can stream to the iPad and by then the iPad of 2020 will be equally or more powerful than the PS4 with their 3D stacked GPU’s that Apple TV would have ended our need to own a console box unless it’s the cloud-streaming cloud type or tiny m-ATX form factor with powerhouse AMD 3D chip-stacked graphics. It’s becoming clear to me that the store of an OS (with a good amount of storage on a device) is the most important feature for it’s success. If you go to the store that doesn’t have anything good, you leave and go to the next.


I was watching CollegeHumor on YouTube and there’s a video where they talk about the iPhone 6S greatest new feature is getting rid of the phone itself… So i asked myself why is the phone tied down to these stupid companies that charge for access on data plans that are so tiny yet so expensive? This isn’t 1999 and we don’t use nokia’s anymore. The phone like everything else has moved to the internet. And don’t get me wrong Louis C.K. said not to complain about this… But who wants to pay 50-60 dollars for one line a month that gets you so little data… I run through 1 GB on a single download on the iPad getting games likes GTA or Infinity Blade and 30 dollars more gives us unlimited? What? How about dynamic monthly data? Just YouTube or Periscope streaming runs up 100 GB in a month. These companies should get with the times.

What about, Love? – Chapter One

The Williams Residence 

8 Infinite Loop X San Francisco, California

“I can’t stand the way the lady across the street plays her music, it’s 9 AM in the morning and she’s playing Skrillex. She gets in her car and forgets to turn her thing off.” – Madison exclaimed, her tone was sleepy… As if she was having a lucid dream and in came a bunch of people from coachella, stepped on the roses… Wait, was the neighbors dog peeing on our flowers? 

Lisa come here. Eat some of this bacon, I’m going to go aim the speakers away from our windows. Going to get rid of the dog while I’m at it… – I thought in my mind. 

I walked across the front garden and passed the mailbox… No mail as usual, went to grab the dog and as I crossed the street, I tripped on my loafers, what I wear loafers… At least their not crocs or ugg boots… Well… I dropped the dog and he started to run away. As soon as that happened I saw Lisa pointing out the window to a zooming car coming down the street, it was the neighbor. She was putting the visor up as she parked and ran over the driveways curve… ran over one of my loafers. She also ran over her dog. She ran into her home, I could see through a window, maybe I should apologize.

She began undressing so I looked away, ran to my home and Lisa asked me what had happened? She was crying a bit, and I told her… ” Nothing… Her dog is in a happier place now.” I said, tried getting rid of the dirt off my loafer. She said… Oh okay, and continued eating her bacon. She turned on the Internet TV and asked Siri to put on some show about a talking triangle who was friends with a talking red character I couldn’t even explain.

Madison was walking down our main hall, “Ahh, thank you! That awful music is not playing anymore!” I somehow imagined a baby Jesus giving me a high five… But I refused him… So I imagined him turning furious and gave him it.

“So what’s the plan then?” Madison said as I saw the neighbor back out of her driveway, running over the dog once more… “Ummm… Madi there’s a bit of a problem… I…

She glanced at the tv, ” Siri, tell me Lisa’s school schedule”. Siri protested, ” Lisa hasn’t updated her calendar since last Friday, would you like to me sync it with her online teacher Mr. Wieling? Yes.

Madison… I think I’m going to loose my job, I heard the quantum computer CEO giving a speech to new members telling them that they had to step up their designs or he would shame them on Twitter. He had terrible jokes too… He asked them if they had seen the episode of Futurama when Babe Newell’s, Gabe’s computer wife had released Half Life 4… Half life 3 isn’t even out yet. 

My team has been loosing points ever since that augmented reality product Apple came up with came out… The iGlasses or whatever… People are buying digital clothes. They just wear some silver suit. I saw a guy wearing nothing but a digital video of last nights late night show with Jimmy Fallon’s daughter, and his clothes kept changing to a tuxedo every two seconds, you’d expect him to atleast have a good signal if was wearing that. 

“People are poor but they want to have a good image… He probably has class Dave.. You don’t even shave.” Madison seemed upset…

She held up her watch and said… Siri tell Lisa to get ready, we’re going to the park. As soon as Lisa heard that she started jumping up and down. They left, the door locked itself, the tv dimmed off and the fans stopped running.

“Siri… I’m still here.” 

Sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…

“Siri turn the fan back on or I’m telling on you.”

Oh okay… But Madison is going to leeeeeave youuuu.

And I’m going to replace you with Cortana. Now hush, turn on the tv and find me a new job.

Why don’t you sell your ancient video game library?

I love my video games.. No way. Turn on the TV.

The screen turned on, displayed my health center.

Siri, I know I’m a little big. Take down my health center.

You’re a little chubby aren’t you, yes you are!


Okay.. Sorry… What would you like to work on?

Pizza delivery is still popular… I mean cars can drive themselves to get it but who actually would send you to pick up pizza?

I’ll have you know.. I’ve been sent for pickups by others 2 billion + times…

Screw you Siri, you’re the best.

Madison is calling. Should I answer for you?

No, put her on the tv. 

Hey… We’re at the park… Lots of water, have you heard anything from your design team? 

No… I think they’re dead. Or… They haven’t pinged me since two days ago… One of them is in his apartment in Russia just sleeping probably.

Well… Me and Lisa are stopping by Jenna’s house. ” Hi Dave, How are you?!” I wanted to say I needed to take a poop, but how could I? Jenna is cool.

Well I’m fine.. I mean thank god we all work from home right! 

Ummm… Yeah? I guess.

Dave, set Siri to turn on the water purifier when I’m approaching home. I’ll be there in a couple hours.

Alright… I’ll be here Madison, probably will fall back to sleep though. Click.

The tv show that was running was about a boy who had lost his way, and was living by himself with his mom and two cats. He seemed really happy all the time when he was with friends but, when he came home he just turned off… And in his mind he fell into a trance each night… Where he could dream anything he wanted. He dreamth of a world with no money and he had a plan to do it but he had to gain super powers first so he was talking to God. God in the tv show was a figure that bounced around the screen.

Yikes.. This guy is crazy. Change the show Siri.