Sept 12

5 years ago we were just getting started, hopes so high, we just had so much to give the world. It’s been a wonderful experience. There’s beautiful skies being struck by hurricanes, digital aura’s that have made their presence so real… augmented reality is the false American dream made to fix what’s broken inside of us…

A home, a family, a dog. Less and less this isn’t the dream we have because there is so much more to life now 5 years later. We see past these dreams because we have so much more to give and live for. Self-destruction is the art of giving your heart to what doesn’t exist and being able to let it go so you can make life better for everyone. We pass down our knowledge to our children so that they don’t have to go through what we did. Coding for objects that can see, hear, and recognize emotions for us is the future we’re headed for.. no stops ahead, full automation. I see homeless people trying to make it past the past of what isn’t there and it feels awful. So many people are left behind by technology that I’ve chosen to abandon my own dreams because technology can’t save us, only each other, once it becomes a vice, we become the device, we become what we hold, our own power is a gift from within, not from our surroundings, not what they think. I heard depression isn’t real so what is.. there’s a glass in my hand that’s always half-full, is happiness even real then? Everything has a way of being viewed, and we can chose how to see it.

There’s a part of life that I love and that is when technology connects what’s broken in pieces together. The soul of a human reaching it’s highest version is what is called being one with god to achieve what was first given and taken away… freedom of beliefs. It isn’t lying about who you are to get what you want but, in this world it’s impossible for anything to hold it’s value if it’s not there initially. Lies have to be told to hold a high state of reality in place. Apple Inc. may not be honest but, it’s hunger for the truth is. To create something better than before you have to see past it like in a mirror and find what you can’t see.

There isn’t a person that is perfect but we all try to be. When you see a sad person and you ignore them it’s because you made a decision to sink below their own existence… in a way, you just can’t see past yourself and push right through them and hide, as they’ve become a ghost, you’re the ghost from the shadows when we were all young and free from these lies we hide from. You can say education is what makes us exist in life and crimes leave us with nothing. There’s so much more to life than money and objects when we die we can’t take anything away. When we shut down our computers, our phones and turn them back on our memories are still there. There’s so much more to live for that augmented reality is just here to help us cope with reality itself. The skies will calm and we will see past ourselves eventually.



Augmented Reality

This isn’t a dream, it’s not even a reality check. America’s new elected president is Trump. I’d say that’s unreal. But what isn’t- augmented reality is coming. the same way we’ve been using our phones to buy apps… We’ll be using them in the future to buy or attain objects that aren’t officially real. To use, collect, show off, and the best part is… They will stay with you forever. These aren’t tangible items, you can sell them to other people if you’d like… They’ll be objects that you can gain in game apps, or digital asset models of the original game developers for apps such as Grand Theft Auto Online – The worlds most ambitious playground. So how will this happen… Well I’d say the shift to augmented reality requires a graphical engine… A couple of things… such as an iPhone or a Microsoft surface unit and an ecosystem of OP badass developers to create the tools necessary to create this infinite world of possibilities. Augmented Reality is breaking the barriers of the dream world… so that we all can attain and create whatever our hearts desire. That is- the augmented world may not be the best for driving cars or flying through cities, but in VR- yes they are. So I imagine these technologies will collide with each other in the future if an engine was to be created with that in mind. it would be a universal AR OS engine for every developer and creator/person to be a part of and I believe the best companies for this are Apple and Rockstar Games.

The Apple TV


The Apple TV is a device that allows you to enjoy your digital media on the tv. It makes use of the same dual core processor found in the iPod touch 5th generation and offers a wide range of pre-installed apps from Netflix to the news. Apple has been creating a closed ecosystem for the last decade for it’s portable devices… The iPhone, iPad, and now gaining market share in the Mac ecosystem and I’ve been in it since iOS 3.1.3 on an iPod Touch 1st generation I bought from a friend. The reason why iOS has been so successful has to do with the App Store and the developers imaginations. Playing Dead Space on an iPod Touch at the time when it was launched a year later on consoles was unheard of. It was something new and exciting to be able to fit an entire miniature game console, computer, and music library in your pocket. Now with Apple TV, it’s time to bring those things back to your living room and bedrooms. It’s time to bring back the apps from the phone to our TV’s. Our games, friends, and everything about the iPhone that made us feel like kids. Full of wonder and enthusiasm. The Apple TV will not just be the center of our homes in the future, it will be the bridge between work and life. A family hub with a family calendar, a real time digital assistant, a cloud-saving gaming center, an unlimited stream of music and media from all over the world with an AppStore for all languages. The Apple TV is the computer from your pocket that has been refined for 10 years in the making. When the black wall is removed, it’ll be here.


I was watching CollegeHumor on YouTube and there’s a video where they talk about the iPhone 6S greatest new feature is getting rid of the phone itself… So i asked myself why is the phone tied down to these stupid companies that charge for access on data plans that are so tiny yet so expensive? This isn’t 1999 and we don’t use nokia’s anymore. The phone like everything else has moved to the internet. And don’t get me wrong Louis C.K. said not to complain about this… But who wants to pay 50-60 dollars for one line a month that gets you so little data… I run through 1 GB on a single download on the iPad getting games likes GTA or Infinity Blade and 30 dollars more gives us unlimited? What? How about dynamic monthly data? Just YouTube or Periscope streaming runs up 100 GB in a month. These companies should get with the times.

What about, Love? Chapter 5

It seems like we’re less than before.

So many people died in the apocalypse.
The water was toxic, the crops were dying, and the underground vaults we lived in when we were young made us similar but we remained unique… but at the same time… I wish we could go back there… Before our homes were destroyed.. My mom was a hard worker. She was always looking out for us… When my father left her I never felt like he was worth keeping in touch with. Me and my mom struggled to get out of the vaults… Jenna was the closest one to us. She and I listened at the sounds of trains passing by the night… I remember there was a male member in our vault that used to talk to her, one day she punched him in the face and broke his nose… He kept teasing her by telling her to clean… I would have done the same but I wasn’t strong enough.

I remember the vaults. Siri helped us with everything… I never knew how to cook till our president left one day and we went out with masks to find his body decomposing a week later. We found him sitting in broken house, in a tub in the woods with his gun in his hands, looking up at the sky… We took the gun from his hands and showed it to his brother. He had been asking for him for a week… And we sat down and cried that night by a fire. The gun reflected it’s flames on a table, and we wondered if he had asked for forgiveness and reached his subconscious before he took his life.

Do you know why the apocalypse happened? One of the world’s leaders had declared war on another country and his nation decided to lock him up in jail instead. He had made contacts with powerful men and they destroyed his entire nation instead of freeing him. By the time we had learned about this, they had fired nuclear missiles at the and they tried telling us it was terrorists… Instead… It was our own government attacking us. I saw a missile hit the Grand Canyon on my phone, and at first I thought it was a comet or fireworks.

We had luck…

Back in the living room we could see simulations of our subconscious connected to our brainwaves on our glass ceiling and some of them were too bright for me. I asked Siri to slowly bring us back to consciousness.

Do you want to eat some food? I asked Madison, still adjusting, her pupils dilated back to normal.

We had grown our crops inside, had nothing but natural plants and a little bit of sanitized meat, seafood itself never really tasted good to me anyways although we had Siri to help us with the crops, just wish she could cook.

I heard that… Siri exclaimed.

Siri had the ability to read minds because she had been equipped with microphones that were as good as dolphin ears, sometimes i think that’s not a good thing.

Call Lisa, it’s time for lunch.

As I walked forward the wall in front of me moved a bit so I could see Lisa sitting down by an augmentable glass window looking at a butterfly. She was changing her wings colors and patterns, till a chameleon appeared… The virtual chameleon was not programmed to eat anything. The butterfly landed on it, and they were mirroring each-others colors. I never understood how they were able to do that, but I have to assume that they were highly evolved dimensional creatures even after they were mostly wiped out.

Lisa do you want to eat some food? She smiled and nodded in approval.

Come on down to the living room.

Our beds went below and the table rose higher as it became bigger, and our chairs came up.

A container of apple’s, a few strawberries, and white grapes were brought down the ceiling through a tube.

Our neighbor was now getting home and she had now found her dog… I don’t think she cared about it because she looked at him and walked away… Dogs were cloned anyways. They weren’t as special as cats… Cats had been evolved past dogs so much that some had their fur to look like tiny bears.

Please check Madison’s homework Siri and show us our home stats.

In a grid on the table we could see the Internet usage was beyond 20 terabytes and I wondered if we should stop indexing the P2P clusters from time to time.

France had become the world’s servers AI home to see worldwide stats, however Siri wasn’t allowed to go past her internet cluster unless we asked her to. I just love their coffee.

We sat and ate for a while till it time for us to start working inside of our virtual world, and let me tell you… Madison and I built a forest in it and it is beautiful.

What about, Love? – Chapter One

The Williams Residence 

8 Infinite Loop X San Francisco, California

“I can’t stand the way the lady across the street plays her music, it’s 9 AM in the morning and she’s playing Skrillex. She gets in her car and forgets to turn her thing off.” – Madison exclaimed, her tone was sleepy… As if she was having a lucid dream and in came a bunch of people from coachella, stepped on the roses… Wait, was the neighbors dog peeing on our flowers? 

Lisa come here. Eat some of this bacon, I’m going to go aim the speakers away from our windows. Going to get rid of the dog while I’m at it… – I thought in my mind. 

I walked across the front garden and passed the mailbox… No mail as usual, went to grab the dog and as I crossed the street, I tripped on my loafers, what I wear loafers… At least their not crocs or ugg boots… Well… I dropped the dog and he started to run away. As soon as that happened I saw Lisa pointing out the window to a zooming car coming down the street, it was the neighbor. She was putting the visor up as she parked and ran over the driveways curve… ran over one of my loafers. She also ran over her dog. She ran into her home, I could see through a window, maybe I should apologize.

She began undressing so I looked away, ran to my home and Lisa asked me what had happened? She was crying a bit, and I told her… ” Nothing… Her dog is in a happier place now.” I said, tried getting rid of the dirt off my loafer. She said… Oh okay, and continued eating her bacon. She turned on the Internet TV and asked Siri to put on some show about a talking triangle who was friends with a talking red character I couldn’t even explain.

Madison was walking down our main hall, “Ahh, thank you! That awful music is not playing anymore!” I somehow imagined a baby Jesus giving me a high five… But I refused him… So I imagined him turning furious and gave him it.

“So what’s the plan then?” Madison said as I saw the neighbor back out of her driveway, running over the dog once more… “Ummm… Madi there’s a bit of a problem… I…

She glanced at the tv, ” Siri, tell me Lisa’s school schedule”. Siri protested, ” Lisa hasn’t updated her calendar since last Friday, would you like to me sync it with her online teacher Mr. Wieling? Yes.

Madison… I think I’m going to loose my job, I heard the quantum computer CEO giving a speech to new members telling them that they had to step up their designs or he would shame them on Twitter. He had terrible jokes too… He asked them if they had seen the episode of Futurama when Babe Newell’s, Gabe’s computer wife had released Half Life 4… Half life 3 isn’t even out yet. 

My team has been loosing points ever since that augmented reality product Apple came up with came out… The iGlasses or whatever… People are buying digital clothes. They just wear some silver suit. I saw a guy wearing nothing but a digital video of last nights late night show with Jimmy Fallon’s daughter, and his clothes kept changing to a tuxedo every two seconds, you’d expect him to atleast have a good signal if was wearing that. 

“People are poor but they want to have a good image… He probably has class Dave.. You don’t even shave.” Madison seemed upset…

She held up her watch and said… Siri tell Lisa to get ready, we’re going to the park. As soon as Lisa heard that she started jumping up and down. They left, the door locked itself, the tv dimmed off and the fans stopped running.

“Siri… I’m still here.” 

Sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…

“Siri turn the fan back on or I’m telling on you.”

Oh okay… But Madison is going to leeeeeave youuuu.

And I’m going to replace you with Cortana. Now hush, turn on the tv and find me a new job.

Why don’t you sell your ancient video game library?

I love my video games.. No way. Turn on the TV.

The screen turned on, displayed my health center.

Siri, I know I’m a little big. Take down my health center.

You’re a little chubby aren’t you, yes you are!


Okay.. Sorry… What would you like to work on?

Pizza delivery is still popular… I mean cars can drive themselves to get it but who actually would send you to pick up pizza?

I’ll have you know.. I’ve been sent for pickups by others 2 billion + times…

Screw you Siri, you’re the best.

Madison is calling. Should I answer for you?

No, put her on the tv. 

Hey… We’re at the park… Lots of water, have you heard anything from your design team? 

No… I think they’re dead. Or… They haven’t pinged me since two days ago… One of them is in his apartment in Russia just sleeping probably.

Well… Me and Lisa are stopping by Jenna’s house. ” Hi Dave, How are you?!” I wanted to say I needed to take a poop, but how could I? Jenna is cool.

Well I’m fine.. I mean thank god we all work from home right! 

Ummm… Yeah? I guess.

Dave, set Siri to turn on the water purifier when I’m approaching home. I’ll be there in a couple hours.

Alright… I’ll be here Madison, probably will fall back to sleep though. Click.

The tv show that was running was about a boy who had lost his way, and was living by himself with his mom and two cats. He seemed really happy all the time when he was with friends but, when he came home he just turned off… And in his mind he fell into a trance each night… Where he could dream anything he wanted. He dreamth of a world with no money and he had a plan to do it but he had to gain super powers first so he was talking to God. God in the tv show was a figure that bounced around the screen.

Yikes.. This guy is crazy. Change the show Siri.

What is art? – Jaden Smith

I’m sitting in a chair in my room thinking about how people that went to college and studied art become food delivery drivers or… baristas… if they give up, and yesterday I was working on a song trying to make it sound like a cheesy hit you would like to play and purchase on iTunes but I don’t feel like it will get popular like Chelsea Handler’s half nude selfie trying to fight sexism on Instagram or Tim Cook saying he is gay and we all admire them but I don’t have a company or a tv show… I went to an art school and on my interview I was told to leave for saying business cards were useless… I had a lot of art to show them. Most of it was ceramic eating utensils but they looked like they were designed by Apple and I wanted to make them out of Titanium or steel, turned out I needed to learn about 3D printers and a Makerbot wasn’t out then and their initial one did plastic only, I want one now! I hate shipping stuff though and selling 3D-printed objects will probably be pointless when Virtual Reality kicks in with Oculus and all those new augmented reality glasses come out.

So I’m more of a digital artist, trying to not make 7 books like J.K. Rowling no matter how much people love Harry Potter… Because my success would probably be in the hands of the actors if there ever was a movie on it. And I’d go to the theatre and see that they forgot like a fusion energy flux capacitor charging up the home or a floating speaker in the scene and I would tell the director to remake it with Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s tough being a grown-up, you got corruption every-where and I would like to carry a bottle of water with me and spray it in greedy people’s faces, like Not Today! No no, get your matrix cocoon shit out of my face… I know that movie had a lawsuit by the woman who submitted the script… And she won. So money does not buy happiness, but you can make other people happy with it… By calling Saul or whatever your nearest lawyer name is. I take it we have to make the best of this life… Even if our money is as fake as monopoly’s and now I don’t even carry it…

Anyways yeah, art sucks… Blah, blah, blah, gonna make a record, half life 3 unconfirmed. Check back later.