Music is my favorite type of artform

I have been listening to artists Lucy Rose, The Enemy, Charlene Soraia and a few others. Music has been an evolving experience.. I grew up on rock and roll and country, and passed on to trip hop and electronic music, and i feel I have discovered every genre now… I would like to say that my favorite type of music is the type that makes me feel alright in an exotic pleasant way. I remember listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s – I will follow you into the dark, Jack Johnsons – Turn your love, Bob Marley and Nirvana feeling their emotions cross over to me – reading Kurts Biography Heavier than Heaven and coming across the Internet conspiracies of his death…. Music pieces that I love are those that express sadness or happiness, ones that get you pumped with anger and further my meaning to go forward and onto the nether of our existence.. Begging for Thread by Banks… Dangerous by Big Data. Cakes’ The Distance. My favorite music are songs that tell love stories. Listening to one song every now and then… I used to record the stereo on a tape deck to be able to hear it later… Now we have the convenience of streaming our music, downloading it through iTunes… Moving across genres is an evolutionary change… To listen to something like the Foo Fighters Everlong to something like James Blake’s Retrograde… I still have memories from 311’s Amber and I guess now that all the music has been fragmented… But the emotions are the same. Albums like Jamie XX’s Gosh and Flume’s really take a bite from our emotions in a cheap way… They are mastered diligently, so they are in deed cool to hear every month or so… They are my power albums. The ones I would say have more potency than the rest because sound that conveys feelings through frequency alteration of the mind or sounds that affect your minds ability to think are genius. After all… Sound releases endorphins in your mind to create dopamine. It’s not the same as my old music however. For me, the tracks that I find most pleasurable… are Bon Ivers Skinny Love, Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, Michael Jackson’s I just can’t stop loving you , Charlene Soraia’s When we were five, and tracks that leave you in a trance slowly, music is like a drug. If mastered perfectly, say using bineural simulation, you can achieve a state of mind so finely tuned that you can cross lands through astral projection using the right frequencies… You can expand your mind slowly, open your mind to new experiences, but all is to be done in moderation, after all – every generation goes through instrumental shifts… The ones I enjoy today the are dark synths, a low bassline, with calming waves and light pianos and guitars carried by a sweet voice of a femme.


Time-travel through the frequencies

Don’t bend your heart, I’ll be missing you.

Say we will always feel like teenagers, driving fast, loosing time.

They’re going to lie to us, they are watching us.
Under the stars, glass shattering above us.

I guess time will slow down when you are happy.

There wasn’t any sound, I couldn’t hear your voice.

How I wish I had flown home instead.

Writers AdBlock

I have noticed a lot of new followers are writers and I like that… I feel like you guys have a competition going on… Where you don’t let other writers steal your work… Haha. I don’t draft my ideas or go for days revising stuff… I think, when I’m writing, this thing is so fresh it needs an audio track! Then you realize you aren’t the guy from Limitless and you don’t have a pretty voice like Ariana Grande or a team of writers or producers working across the world to make the world’s greatest story, which should have been The Crowd Book and it does not exist because I didn’t put a good video on Indie GoGo or go fund myself. And I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I use Kickstarter? I dunno…

But you, as a writer make that post be cool without Ariana Grande, you make that post and you write that thing… Yeah. No ones gonna tell you Simpsons did it… Ideas just come and go, kinda like gas. You don’t have to waste time revising your posts if you write wonderfully and elegantly. It’s not like someone’s going to say oh well you could have said – “ideas just come and go – kinda like time and old memories fade inside my mind like auras in the night sky” You don’t get interactive comments with people, at most you get 100+ likes and you go to bed saying hmmm…. Maybe I am a bit ignorant on that part… Cause girls that can’t sing can be beautiful anyways, or what makes a good book any good if you don’t feel love when you hear the title. It isn’t Cellar Door, it isn’t written by Kanye that loves Kanye, as you should too, otherwise how can you get that feeling that you get when you see that movie Sleepless in Seattle and think that type of story is not even possible anymore because we have Facebook… So as long as you love your writing, you don’t have to look for creativity. It is in you. But in case you get lost, ask yourself what Kanye would say to himself… Maybe you could write the first first person story with the main character being the reader or watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last new season on Netflix till Friends comes on. Haha!

Daniel Campos

What is art? – Jaden Smith

I’m sitting in a chair in my room thinking about how people that went to college and studied art become food delivery drivers or… baristas… if they give up, and yesterday I was working on a song trying to make it sound like a cheesy hit you would like to play and purchase on iTunes but I don’t feel like it will get popular like Chelsea Handler’s half nude selfie trying to fight sexism on Instagram or Tim Cook saying he is gay and we all admire them but I don’t have a company or a tv show… I went to an art school and on my interview I was told to leave for saying business cards were useless… I had a lot of art to show them. Most of it was ceramic eating utensils but they looked like they were designed by Apple and I wanted to make them out of Titanium or steel, turned out I needed to learn about 3D printers and a Makerbot wasn’t out then and their initial one did plastic only, I want one now! I hate shipping stuff though and selling 3D-printed objects will probably be pointless when Virtual Reality kicks in with Oculus and all those new augmented reality glasses come out.

So I’m more of a digital artist, trying to not make 7 books like J.K. Rowling no matter how much people love Harry Potter… Because my success would probably be in the hands of the actors if there ever was a movie on it. And I’d go to the theatre and see that they forgot like a fusion energy flux capacitor charging up the home or a floating speaker in the scene and I would tell the director to remake it with Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s tough being a grown-up, you got corruption every-where and I would like to carry a bottle of water with me and spray it in greedy people’s faces, like Not Today! No no, get your matrix cocoon shit out of my face… I know that movie had a lawsuit by the woman who submitted the script… And she won. So money does not buy happiness, but you can make other people happy with it… By calling Saul or whatever your nearest lawyer name is. I take it we have to make the best of this life… Even if our money is as fake as monopoly’s and now I don’t even carry it…

Anyways yeah, art sucks… Blah, blah, blah, gonna make a record, half life 3 unconfirmed. Check back later.


Angel Campos – Youtube

Hello, Daniel here, me and my brother Angel decided to work on a video a long time ago for a song after we were inspired by the lack of art surrounding the amazing music Flume, collaborative artists he worked with and Chet Faker made – The album Built on Glass is amazing. We worked extremely hard on the project and came up with a final version to show you guys how much we love art and music.

These are all of Angel’s creative art genius and I believe you will enjoy them as much as we loved making them, it would make me really happy if you subscribed to his channel or followed his Instagram page and watch his videos since he is amazing and I believe Chet Faker took ideas from us for his single Gold. Enjoy! 🙂


Insane – Flume Ft Moon Holiday


Lorde- Ribs (SKINS)


Miley Cyrus ft. Lana Del Rey- SummerBall (OFFICIAL)


Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans