The Man Who Built The World

We are a collective conscious. On a global scale, It’s hard to centralize everyone’s ideas on the internet except on one site. Reddit. The online community stores your ideas and they are seen by the masses. When I need to know how someone feels about something, I don’t just google it. I reddit. I search Instagram, find periscopers, tumblrs, and tweets about it. I read articles about everything I am about to include in my life, or keep to complain about… My AT&T ISP, Sony’s lack of work on their products, people I choose to follow, people I am ignored by, everything I do, and you do, if you are in one of my feeds and I am browsing it, is in our mind for a few seconds- if a thought is formed… If we can even conceive one from the amount of data we consume each day we make something of it or move on. Our minds work together to buffer out ideas and churn emotions regarding certain patterns of words or pixels into agreements, with which we discern who is trustworthy or what is defined as cool or just okay. The world runs first on trust, of intellect, and idea scouring who can create a better tomorrow, or destroy it in the fastest way possible. This is why, when i see something I first define it as a subject connected to a bigger entity, that is everyone has a personality and we try to define ourselves with what we connect with… Simplicity – Apple, Cars- Forza, Future – Minimalism, not just with people around us. We have an infinite imagination to pursue what we like, or create for others to enjoy as well. I am a fan of almost everything good on earth, but I am also conservative. I don’t upgrade my phone every year. I don’t use high energy appliances, I don’t drive my car just to drive it. I don’t buy foods I won’t eat, and I don’t make things for others if it’s a temporary feeling. The world made by man is an outcome of your personality and what drives you to understand things. If you are passionate about something, it will be the best idea because you had the least experience with it from the beginning. Fields like AC units, solar panels, electric cars… The industries of the future are autonomous and equipped to be lead by quantum computer programs that dictate how a product sells, will it be in stock, should the machines create more, plant more, or less. The world is not just about consuming. It’s about using the resources to their highest potential. Not just from a buisness standpoint, but as an engineers view, an animals view, a homeless mans view. Life is full of people in so many positions that we take everything we have for granted, but without our clothes and our devices… We are just one conscious of the entire worlds population. 

The man who built the world of tomorrow builds the universal language of Augmented Reality, the bending of the dream world and the real world into one where things will be different for everyone based on their personalities and you will have to accept their visions in yours. The world of tomorrow is… Having someone clothe you in their vision of excellence, morph your body into their liking, and simulate the past or future in their mind not through imagination but by use of software. Take a note of the game skyrim, left for dead, and add mods. You can now do whatever you want and your body means nothing anymore. All that will matter then is how you talk, what you like, and how much of the world gravitates towards you, like Michael Jackson did without technology, if he looked any different, he would still be Michael Jackson.



I was watching CollegeHumor on YouTube and there’s a video where they talk about the iPhone 6S greatest new feature is getting rid of the phone itself… So i asked myself why is the phone tied down to these stupid companies that charge for access on data plans that are so tiny yet so expensive? This isn’t 1999 and we don’t use nokia’s anymore. The phone like everything else has moved to the internet. And don’t get me wrong Louis C.K. said not to complain about this… But who wants to pay 50-60 dollars for one line a month that gets you so little data… I run through 1 GB on a single download on the iPad getting games likes GTA or Infinity Blade and 30 dollars more gives us unlimited? What? How about dynamic monthly data? Just YouTube or Periscope streaming runs up 100 GB in a month. These companies should get with the times.


People that don’t have many friends tend to be the type that aren’t looking for popularity, they don’t care about that. They’re different. I see the world like a clock. Everyone on this planet is like one of it’s gears and the fastest way to move them is to push the ones with with the most power, the best companies, CEOs, news outlets, people with initiative, the only way to do it… Is by not staying attached to ideas… To the present. I used to view the world as it was made of registers because money keeps us going. But money doesn’t keep us going when we have enough. After you have enough you keep going because you like what you are doing, and if you don’t, you leave. There’s also people that just want the money, so you don’t want to work for those types of companies, there’s too many of those. 

And people with popularity aren’t focused on what they are doing, they’re focused on their group… Wondering if they’re happy… Trying to say things that they won’t find offensive… They’re  focused on their thoughts and image… So get rid of the old ones.. Move towards the new. But if the people you were close to don’t move forward with you, don’t leave them behind. Those people that we’re close since the beginning will love you even if you do the wrong things to yourself or to them.. That’s when you know that you’re image doesn’t matter, because you are human and the role you play is the one you make for yourself.

What is art? – Jaden Smith

I’m sitting in a chair in my room thinking about how people that went to college and studied art become food delivery drivers or… baristas… if they give up, and yesterday I was working on a song trying to make it sound like a cheesy hit you would like to play and purchase on iTunes but I don’t feel like it will get popular like Chelsea Handler’s half nude selfie trying to fight sexism on Instagram or Tim Cook saying he is gay and we all admire them but I don’t have a company or a tv show… I went to an art school and on my interview I was told to leave for saying business cards were useless… I had a lot of art to show them. Most of it was ceramic eating utensils but they looked like they were designed by Apple and I wanted to make them out of Titanium or steel, turned out I needed to learn about 3D printers and a Makerbot wasn’t out then and their initial one did plastic only, I want one now! I hate shipping stuff though and selling 3D-printed objects will probably be pointless when Virtual Reality kicks in with Oculus and all those new augmented reality glasses come out.

So I’m more of a digital artist, trying to not make 7 books like J.K. Rowling no matter how much people love Harry Potter… Because my success would probably be in the hands of the actors if there ever was a movie on it. And I’d go to the theatre and see that they forgot like a fusion energy flux capacitor charging up the home or a floating speaker in the scene and I would tell the director to remake it with Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s tough being a grown-up, you got corruption every-where and I would like to carry a bottle of water with me and spray it in greedy people’s faces, like Not Today! No no, get your matrix cocoon shit out of my face… I know that movie had a lawsuit by the woman who submitted the script… And she won. So money does not buy happiness, but you can make other people happy with it… By calling Saul or whatever your nearest lawyer name is. I take it we have to make the best of this life… Even if our money is as fake as monopoly’s and now I don’t even carry it…

Anyways yeah, art sucks… Blah, blah, blah, gonna make a record, half life 3 unconfirmed. Check back later.

I’m sorry.

Hi everyone, I haven’t been online for a while due to health issues. I hope you guys are doing okay. I haven’t written anything in such a long time so I guess now is the time to say that I will be starting a new chapter in my life. And with all the things I have learned from you and my experiences I know I now have to push really hard from now on to keep getting my medical treatments and help my siblings. I hope to buy a house in a hill one day, pay off my student loans, and see my family grow old with me. I am sorry to everyone for the news but I want to say that if you’ve ever been through a tough time you must push forward. You will appreciate your days with warmth and love, and know the days that are painful, I will be here to try to cheer you up. I have lost 20 pounds in the last summer and I believe my my pain is something worth fighting for to see everything in the future come together as I have dreamt since I was a kid. Playing an arcade game in a broken store in the south side of Chicago, then on my phone in my home makes me feel happy, talking to my best friend has helped me a lot in the last two weeks, and I want to know some of you! I don’t want to be another number anymore. I don’t want to be forgotten and left behind because I cry sometimes and there’s so much I want to do… I want to film a movie, I want to make people laugh, so now I’m looking for a job to make my dreams come true, I want to help and inspire the world as much as I can. Thank you for being part of my life, you are all so talented and powerful and I wish you could be my friends forever.

Daniel Campos