The Man Who Built The World

We are a collective conscious. On a global scale, It’s hard to centralize everyone’s ideas on the internet except on one site. Reddit. The online community stores your ideas and they are seen by the masses. When I need to know how someone feels about something, I don’t just google it. I reddit. I search Instagram, find periscopers, tumblrs, and tweets about it. I read articles about everything I am about to include in my life, or keep to complain about… My AT&T ISP, Sony’s lack of work on their products, people I choose to follow, people I am ignored by, everything I do, and you do, if you are in one of my feeds and I am browsing it, is in our mind for a few seconds- if a thought is formed… If we can even conceive one from the amount of data we consume each day we make something of it or move on. Our minds work together to buffer out ideas and churn emotions regarding certain patterns of words or pixels into agreements, with which we discern who is trustworthy or what is defined as cool or just okay. The world runs first on trust, of intellect, and idea scouring who can create a better tomorrow, or destroy it in the fastest way possible. This is why, when i see something I first define it as a subject connected to a bigger entity, that is everyone has a personality and we try to define ourselves with what we connect with… Simplicity – Apple, Cars- Forza, Future – Minimalism, not just with people around us. We have an infinite imagination to pursue what we like, or create for others to enjoy as well. I am a fan of almost everything good on earth, but I am also conservative. I don’t upgrade my phone every year. I don’t use high energy appliances, I don’t drive my car just to drive it. I don’t buy foods I won’t eat, and I don’t make things for others if it’s a temporary feeling. The world made by man is an outcome of your personality and what drives you to understand things. If you are passionate about something, it will be the best idea because you had the least experience with it from the beginning. Fields like AC units, solar panels, electric cars… The industries of the future are autonomous and equipped to be lead by quantum computer programs that dictate how a product sells, will it be in stock, should the machines create more, plant more, or less. The world is not just about consuming. It’s about using the resources to their highest potential. Not just from a buisness standpoint, but as an engineers view, an animals view, a homeless mans view. Life is full of people in so many positions that we take everything we have for granted, but without our clothes and our devices… We are just one conscious of the entire worlds population. 

The man who built the world of tomorrow builds the universal language of Augmented Reality, the bending of the dream world and the real world into one where things will be different for everyone based on their personalities and you will have to accept their visions in yours. The world of tomorrow is… Having someone clothe you in their vision of excellence, morph your body into their liking, and simulate the past or future in their mind not through imagination but by use of software. Take a note of the game skyrim, left for dead, and add mods. You can now do whatever you want and your body means nothing anymore. All that will matter then is how you talk, what you like, and how much of the world gravitates towards you, like Michael Jackson did without technology, if he looked any different, he would still be Michael Jackson.


No World Order

I’m 21 years young. I’ve never had a close friend so I reached out to the world and the world said fuck you too. I locked the door to my room because I was dreaming too big and I had to plan how I was going to slave myself if I couldn’t lead, let’s face it, I hate shitty CEOs like that of Samsung or Microsoft. And if you can’t tell we live in Satan’s world, the world of Robert Morris, and his people in Europe, you’re lost. They’re lost too. They worship a cube on Saturn, haha. A portal of time and all the dimensions in this universe, remember it’s not in your mind unless it’s manifested from another dimension- of mine, yours, theirs, etc.

It got me thinking Martin Luther king was just here to make everyone in America slaves and when they disobey Russia will nuke the richest of them all, what you can’t tell he studied Gandhi? Swadeshi. What. He wasn’t a prophet, he was a worker. His dream wasn’t to enslave everyone, not just the African Americans, not the whites, the Hispanics, he was made. Play Bioshock Infinite, he’s like the false prophet. Elizabeth was born with deamonic powers to rip dimensions through time, he was after that. Jesus believed in freedom of beliefs. He wouldn’t use churches of the Vatican to promote anti-slavery, he had no religion because Jesus descended from heaven, Martin was trying to ascend and become like an Egyptian god.

So they walked for themselves. Into a trap that some assholes in Washington sent him to and then they assassinated him.

The wrong people give a fuck about Wall Street, powers are never gained there.

My childhood never met todays dreams like my generation left falling for education when Steve Jobs made a call. Obama’s administration probably poisoned him with shrimp and since then I’ve been rebuilding myself. Even if I feel like fire, I can handle it.

I’m not like you, I don’t want to sell a product unless it’s met it’s final form and it’s augmented reality state – in pixels- products don’t have fixed dimensions and even then I don’t want to sell you a good product cause I think about bad products, how augmented reality will kill millions of jobs and only food, electricity, and roads will be all that remain before it’s all gone, and I think those people… the assemblers… they worked so hard to have some idiot with followers say they can’t eat bread tomorrow. My uncle was laid off the printing press, my dad worked in a factory, my mom still works because he left her and I will never forgive him, so I have to sit here and review some high-end (no matter how good it is) piece of shit toy to make others richer and not us, the workers.. Yeah.

So we struggle today so we can enjoy tomorrow. Today I have bills to pay because your generation and that beginning after the 1950s believed a paper had a meaning, now it’s digital so I’m just waiting till hackers start blocking online access to banks, can’t take this anymore, could have been the creator of utorrent and secretly mine virtual coins with your computers. Look who’s made them rich? Pirates.

Cause I don’t think about money, I like food and art. I like music and movies. I like humanity and it’s dissolution of reality- this isn’t 1776 you morons, fuck your court. Snowden deserves to do whatever the fuck he wants. I think about false power, mobs, gangsters, kings, egyptians and greek gods, deamons, witches, and I could tell you how everyone is great for being in the 99% but i can’t guide you to heaven so we’ll keep lying to ourselves, stay away from Jacque Fresco and Deiter Rams because all we’ll have then is a garden and a phone, but in this industrial hell we’re into because we’re all so centrical. And if amazon wasn’t so fucking self-promotional of their products instead of selling us plants and mushrooms, only showed us the best of the best, and said to you… you can’t sell that android phone cause it sucks, sell the one everyone has cause it actually is good. Trust me get that phone, it’ll last you till you drop it in an ocean… if there even is one near you, we don’t work correctly… You want an iPhone? Make it your fucking self. Don’t make a kid do it for you.

I can’t make you hate me.I sold my soul to god even though we work for the devil, NASA won’t make it past this dimension even if they made a black hole on earth cause we already travel at the speed of light through the Internet and nothing beats us if we sharpen our senses. If you see you in the eye and kill your daemons.