I was watching CollegeHumor on YouTube and there’s a video where they talk about the iPhone 6S greatest new feature is getting rid of the phone itself… So i asked myself why is the phone tied down to these stupid companies that charge for access on data plans that are so tiny yet so expensive? This isn’t 1999 and we don’t use nokia’s anymore. The phone like everything else has moved to the internet. And don’t get me wrong Louis C.K. said not to complain about this… But who wants to pay 50-60 dollars for one line a month that gets you so little data… I run through 1 GB on a single download on the iPad getting games likes GTA or Infinity Blade and 30 dollars more gives us unlimited? What? How about dynamic monthly data? Just YouTube or Periscope streaming runs up 100 GB in a month. These companies should get with the times.


Angel Campos – Youtube

Hello, Daniel here, me and my brother Angel decided to work on a video a long time ago for a song after we were inspired by the lack of art surrounding the amazing music Flume, collaborative artists he worked with and Chet Faker made – The album Built on Glass is amazing. We worked extremely hard on the project and came up with a final version to show you guys how much we love art and music.

These are all of Angel’s creative art genius and I believe you will enjoy them as much as we loved making them, it would make me really happy if you subscribed to his channel or followed his Instagram page and watch his videos since he is amazing and I believe Chet Faker took ideas from us for his single Gold. Enjoy! 🙂


Insane – Flume Ft Moon Holiday


Lorde- Ribs (SKINS)


Miley Cyrus ft. Lana Del Rey- SummerBall (OFFICIAL)


Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans