I hate the idea of human evolution because it leaves people behind and some become depressed enough to commit suicide. When ideas are being made; they should cater to both the sad and the happy aspects of life so that we remember that life can be cruel but wonderful at the same time. The color silver is usually the one that people associate with the future and the past, it’s like greyscale. You can’t really tell if a show was shot today or in the past unless you pay attention to the details of the fluidity or the resolution. I hope that you all understand that happiness is how you perceive ideas and that colors are what illustrate them. We are free to make our own choices about everything and you always have to choose the better option even if it isn’t the best one for you. In recent months I have been loosing myself to the idea of the augmented future because I always felt it was the beginning of heaven on earth, or as close as it would be to the dream world. This future has a lot of issues that I am aware of.. Older generations are going to be left behind and their ideas may not even make it into the AR world so we must work to preserve the past customs and languages of our ancestors and to value all of the work they did to get us where we are today. Your work is to create as much as you can if the past and to preserve the architecture of it. To establish peace in the next phase of life, and to ensure safety of your health. Please do not use AR extensively when it becomes available. Talk with your families and friends. Have a conversation with them and help them throughout your life. You will be happier discovering new things together.


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