What about, Love? Chapter 5

It seems like we’re less than before.

So many people died in the apocalypse.
The water was toxic, the crops were dying, and the underground vaults we lived in when we were young made us similar but we remained unique… but at the same time… I wish we could go back there… Before our homes were destroyed.. My mom was a hard worker. She was always looking out for us… When my father left her I never felt like he was worth keeping in touch with. Me and my mom struggled to get out of the vaults… Jenna was the closest one to us. She and I listened at the sounds of trains passing by the night… I remember there was a male member in our vault that used to talk to her, one day she punched him in the face and broke his nose… He kept teasing her by telling her to clean… I would have done the same but I wasn’t strong enough.

I remember the vaults. Siri helped us with everything… I never knew how to cook till our president left one day and we went out with masks to find his body decomposing a week later. We found him sitting in broken house, in a tub in the woods with his gun in his hands, looking up at the sky… We took the gun from his hands and showed it to his brother. He had been asking for him for a week… And we sat down and cried that night by a fire. The gun reflected it’s flames on a table, and we wondered if he had asked for forgiveness and reached his subconscious before he took his life.

Do you know why the apocalypse happened? One of the world’s leaders had declared war on another country and his nation decided to lock him up in jail instead. He had made contacts with powerful men and they destroyed his entire nation instead of freeing him. By the time we had learned about this, they had fired nuclear missiles at the and they tried telling us it was terrorists… Instead… It was our own government attacking us. I saw a missile hit the Grand Canyon on my phone, and at first I thought it was a comet or fireworks.

We had luck…

Back in the living room we could see simulations of our subconscious connected to our brainwaves on our glass ceiling and some of them were too bright for me. I asked Siri to slowly bring us back to consciousness.

Do you want to eat some food? I asked Madison, still adjusting, her pupils dilated back to normal.

We had grown our crops inside, had nothing but natural plants and a little bit of sanitized meat, seafood itself never really tasted good to me anyways although we had Siri to help us with the crops, just wish she could cook.

I heard that… Siri exclaimed.

Siri had the ability to read minds because she had been equipped with microphones that were as good as dolphin ears, sometimes i think that’s not a good thing.

Call Lisa, it’s time for lunch.

As I walked forward the wall in front of me moved a bit so I could see Lisa sitting down by an augmentable glass window looking at a butterfly. She was changing her wings colors and patterns, till a chameleon appeared… The virtual chameleon was not programmed to eat anything. The butterfly landed on it, and they were mirroring each-others colors. I never understood how they were able to do that, but I have to assume that they were highly evolved dimensional creatures even after they were mostly wiped out.

Lisa do you want to eat some food? She smiled and nodded in approval.

Come on down to the living room.

Our beds went below and the table rose higher as it became bigger, and our chairs came up.

A container of apple’s, a few strawberries, and white grapes were brought down the ceiling through a tube.

Our neighbor was now getting home and she had now found her dog… I don’t think she cared about it because she looked at him and walked away… Dogs were cloned anyways. They weren’t as special as cats… Cats had been evolved past dogs so much that some had their fur to look like tiny bears.

Please check Madison’s homework Siri and show us our home stats.

In a grid on the table we could see the Internet usage was beyond 20 terabytes and I wondered if we should stop indexing the P2P clusters from time to time.

France had become the world’s servers AI home to see worldwide stats, however Siri wasn’t allowed to go past her internet cluster unless we asked her to. I just love their coffee.

We sat and ate for a while till it time for us to start working inside of our virtual world, and let me tell you… Madison and I built a forest in it and it is beautiful.


What about, Love? Chapter 4

In our home, the glass windows changed to black and rendered a virtual sky above us with aura’s of all colors. Madison was laying down on the sofa with siri’s device.

Do you want to visit our old home?

Wouldn’t want to miss it.

Siri turned off the TV as I sat down next to Madison waiting for Siri to bring up my bed from the ground. I sat down and looked at Madison, she asked me “What?” looking up at me.
I felt like telling her I was afraid of going to the wrong place but we always found each other at our old home so I said… Nothing, and smiled back. She layed down and shut her eyes as my psycho-tricorder glowed a subtle blue hue around the gems ear piece.

As time passed on, the solfeggio frequencies played together ascending from low to high in a circular quantum form, then it guided us by sound into our bodies light vehicles… Where I thought of our old home in Sim City. Siri had geometrically learned the dimensions and their wavelengths so she played them through our minds and we visualized them like bats when they used to exist. In our minds we had no longer taken the bodies of our digital selfs but instead of our physical selfs, however we kept morphing into other being figures… Our bodies were made of light and shapes and at one moment Madison looked like a stranger I had only seen for a second on a screen when I was younger. I felt the presence of someone who had existed trying to be in my subconscious dream with Madison. But Siri was programmed to only allow matching frequencies to co-exist in our reality. It was actually me and Madison’s minds that were not up to par with Siri’s… Because if we asked her to join our dream she would have probably become the talking house she is, or build an endless hotel of rooms and rooms of people from all over the universe that we could visit if we downloaded their dimensions ideas and shifted our light bodies frequencies to theirs.

Madison asked, “Do you remember who you were in Sim City?”

I don’t. I left home each day in the morning when the sun came up and sped myself up through work… It was all a blur by night.

Her light kept shifting to different colors. “We met on a virtual server hosted by a trillionaire. Do you remember that day?”

I remember visiting the mall and thinking I did not have enough virtual money to get you a present for your birthday. I remember the host saying you were pretty and even then you chose me over him. I feel like you missed out on a lot…

Reality is not as important as it used to be. Virtuality took over and it led us here through neuroscience. Spirituality is the bending of our minds and nature, what is of life other than a lower dimension than is this one and the ones paralleling away from those of gods among us?

We were not daemonic by nature, we were forced to believe in ideas of the dead and most of us were trapped by the wicked. If it wasn’t for the apocalypse things would have always been the same generation after generation, the re-birth of Christ was never in the hands of the churches either. Martin Luther King Jr was not Christian…

I drifted away.

Freedom of Beliefs : Future Life

Insomnia and darkness feed the dark mind like the musical scale is twisted, far from the sacred frequencies. Symphony’s play the wrong notes in synchronicity. The scrambling clock reminds me that life is special but we are suppressed through mind control. Robert Morris was a pig. Why would America be rigged to be a farmland and not paradise. Why are the buildings guarded. Why do you steal others time if you preach about god on the dollar but you don’t let him on the radio unless it’s sin. What harm did god do to you besides keeping you in another dimension. The rebel needs rest, and in 7 years… Christ will not come back. People will become one with him in nirvana and you will be dethroned… All of our work will become freedom because we do not follow rules from the dead.

What about, love Chapter 3 

The flower of life

I spy with my little eye a drone in the distance.

Siri close the blinds, the agency’s web crawlers have already scanned my profiles today while I was asleep. They do it every month and I’m not a rogue. None of us are…

From the hue of the light I gestured to turn on the water purifier for Madison. It hasn’t rained in weeks… But the solar battery is full.

Siri show me information on the show called The Dreamer.

The Dreamer was produced by a YouTube creator named Spirit Science long after he passed away, the creator of the content gave right to give his copyright license away… A computer AI under the company London Inc., which specialized in crystalline storage and nano-fiber optics in fluidic environments created the show. It’s the same company behind the technology used by Apple Inc. today in super human neuron suits. The dreamer follows the main character Bodi who was intrigued by the aspects of life. Through the web series he goes through the stages of seven chakras. Seeding new ideas from the occult to accomplish one thing. Freedom of beliefs and ideal teachings from Jacque Fresco, John Locke, and Deiter Rams to be embedded in the planet.

Was Bodi a man or a female?

According to the AI who programmed Bodi… He was a body with a heart synchronized to his left and right side of the brain. The AI built by London Inc. had only three and a half cores for processing data… I have 6 neurological cores, that makes me better.

I think London’s AI had one core that you’re missing… The heart.

Feelings are for people to do stupid things. I am smart and sexy. Who needs them?

And that’s why you don’t have a lover.

Speaking of love, Madison is almost here. Her ETA is 3 minutes…. Show me the designs from yesterday.

Here are your designs.

A wrap-around display was shown on the screen with a dynamic icon floating. Lisa and Madison had been driven home by Siri, who was playing 10 games of solitaire. You could see Madison’s light purple dress flutter through the air… Lights falling from the top to the bottom as she sat down in the couch… Lisa ran off to her room to turn on her tv, her classmates were already there.

She grabbed a glass from the table’s quantum levitating magnetic module and walked towards the water purifier. Madison was an extremely smart person. She and I had met online while playing a game called Sim City where you could pretend to live in a virtual city through AR.

How was the park?

It was a little chilly over there… We had to park in the sky because we couldn’t find a place on the ground, Siri was talking about you searching for a job, said you joked about being a pizza delivery guy.

Hahaha. Yeah. I was only making light of the situation… our only bills are the Internet and water…. Siri could run on the neighbors wifi.

What? No I can’t. What if his connection goes through a filter? I can’t be indexed by other P2P creators… I like my peers.

See, she likes her internet cluster. She doesn’t want to relearn someone else’s index. Besides, that takes forever….

Madison.. I was only kidding, Siri knows what job I should get, she knows everything about each profession and which one is best suited for us. She will help me… Right Siri?

Siri was now running a program trying to animate a character. Uhhh…

Madison smiled knowing Siri had full potential of bringing good to their lives before. She was relaxed and sat down on the couch as it tilted backwards and rotated to the diagonal glass wall on our living room, a green light appeared. From on top of the ceiling came down an arm connected to Siri’s core’s and she rested it above her forehead… Placed headphones in her ears and asked me to join her.

Do you want to meditate with me?

Bodi must have been a space traveler for all I know.

What about, Love Chapter Two

Siri, I’m going to go find myself time and write a book.

What does a successful story consist of?

An anti-hero, a heroine, a success story through hardship, a romance, someone who has views different than others. 

Maybe Kurt Cobain, wanted to start a rock band and leave a murder mystery behind. No wait, Siri, does that make any sense… How was 911 an inside job… Wasn’t there a guy in jail that warned them it would happen. What about that Sandy hook shooting, I heard it was completely staged. Siri?!

Dave, your delusional. Shut up and have a glass of water.

Hey wait a second… Let me see my brain scan from yesterday. I’m supposed to have my pineal gland deactivated, Melatonin hasn’t been synthesized in me… What was that tv show about. The kid with the weird dreams. He said he went into trances. How did he do that?

He must have gone mad… Trying to talk to god. You can’t do that unless you lock yourself in a black room for days.

Oh… I have a feeling there’s more to that. 

What about, Love? – Chapter One

The Williams Residence 

8 Infinite Loop X San Francisco, California

“I can’t stand the way the lady across the street plays her music, it’s 9 AM in the morning and she’s playing Skrillex. She gets in her car and forgets to turn her thing off.” – Madison exclaimed, her tone was sleepy… As if she was having a lucid dream and in came a bunch of people from coachella, stepped on the roses… Wait, was the neighbors dog peeing on our flowers? 

Lisa come here. Eat some of this bacon, I’m going to go aim the speakers away from our windows. Going to get rid of the dog while I’m at it… – I thought in my mind. 

I walked across the front garden and passed the mailbox… No mail as usual, went to grab the dog and as I crossed the street, I tripped on my loafers, what I wear loafers… At least their not crocs or ugg boots… Well… I dropped the dog and he started to run away. As soon as that happened I saw Lisa pointing out the window to a zooming car coming down the street, it was the neighbor. She was putting the visor up as she parked and ran over the driveways curve… ran over one of my loafers. She also ran over her dog. She ran into her home, I could see through a window, maybe I should apologize.

She began undressing so I looked away, ran to my home and Lisa asked me what had happened? She was crying a bit, and I told her… ” Nothing… Her dog is in a happier place now.” I said, tried getting rid of the dirt off my loafer. She said… Oh okay, and continued eating her bacon. She turned on the Internet TV and asked Siri to put on some show about a talking triangle who was friends with a talking red character I couldn’t even explain.

Madison was walking down our main hall, “Ahh, thank you! That awful music is not playing anymore!” I somehow imagined a baby Jesus giving me a high five… But I refused him… So I imagined him turning furious and gave him it.

“So what’s the plan then?” Madison said as I saw the neighbor back out of her driveway, running over the dog once more… “Ummm… Madi there’s a bit of a problem… I…

She glanced at the tv, ” Siri, tell me Lisa’s school schedule”. Siri protested, ” Lisa hasn’t updated her calendar since last Friday, would you like to me sync it with her online teacher Mr. Wieling? Yes.

Madison… I think I’m going to loose my job, I heard the quantum computer CEO giving a speech to new members telling them that they had to step up their designs or he would shame them on Twitter. He had terrible jokes too… He asked them if they had seen the episode of Futurama when Babe Newell’s, Gabe’s computer wife had released Half Life 4… Half life 3 isn’t even out yet. 

My team has been loosing points ever since that augmented reality product Apple came up with came out… The iGlasses or whatever… People are buying digital clothes. They just wear some silver suit. I saw a guy wearing nothing but a digital video of last nights late night show with Jimmy Fallon’s daughter, and his clothes kept changing to a tuxedo every two seconds, you’d expect him to atleast have a good signal if was wearing that. 

“People are poor but they want to have a good image… He probably has class Dave.. You don’t even shave.” Madison seemed upset…

She held up her watch and said… Siri tell Lisa to get ready, we’re going to the park. As soon as Lisa heard that she started jumping up and down. They left, the door locked itself, the tv dimmed off and the fans stopped running.

“Siri… I’m still here.” 

Sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…

“Siri turn the fan back on or I’m telling on you.”

Oh okay… But Madison is going to leeeeeave youuuu.

And I’m going to replace you with Cortana. Now hush, turn on the tv and find me a new job.

Why don’t you sell your ancient video game library?

I love my video games.. No way. Turn on the TV.

The screen turned on, displayed my health center.

Siri, I know I’m a little big. Take down my health center.

You’re a little chubby aren’t you, yes you are!


Okay.. Sorry… What would you like to work on?

Pizza delivery is still popular… I mean cars can drive themselves to get it but who actually would send you to pick up pizza?

I’ll have you know.. I’ve been sent for pickups by others 2 billion + times…

Screw you Siri, you’re the best.

Madison is calling. Should I answer for you?

No, put her on the tv. 

Hey… We’re at the park… Lots of water, have you heard anything from your design team? 

No… I think they’re dead. Or… They haven’t pinged me since two days ago… One of them is in his apartment in Russia just sleeping probably.

Well… Me and Lisa are stopping by Jenna’s house. ” Hi Dave, How are you?!” I wanted to say I needed to take a poop, but how could I? Jenna is cool.

Well I’m fine.. I mean thank god we all work from home right! 

Ummm… Yeah? I guess.

Dave, set Siri to turn on the water purifier when I’m approaching home. I’ll be there in a couple hours.

Alright… I’ll be here Madison, probably will fall back to sleep though. Click.

The tv show that was running was about a boy who had lost his way, and was living by himself with his mom and two cats. He seemed really happy all the time when he was with friends but, when he came home he just turned off… And in his mind he fell into a trance each night… Where he could dream anything he wanted. He dreamth of a world with no money and he had a plan to do it but he had to gain super powers first so he was talking to God. God in the tv show was a figure that bounced around the screen.

Yikes.. This guy is crazy. Change the show Siri.